Vol 13, No 2

Summer 1992

Table of Contents


Letters to the Editor PDF
Roger Schank 4


Editorial: Ontogeny Recapitulates Ontegeny: AI and AI Magazine PDF
Elaine Rich 12
In Memoriam -- Dennis O'Connor (1938-1992) PDF
Raj Reddy 8


Robot Planning PDF
Drew McDermott 55
The Quest for the Thinking Computer PDF
Robert Epstein 81
Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies Turing Test Transcript for Terminal 5 PDF
Joseph Weintraub 82


Autonomous Mobile Robot Research at Louisiana State University's Robotics Research Laboratory PDF
S. Iyengar, Daryl Thomas 25
Intelligent Multimedia Interfaces PDF
Mark T. Maybury 35
AAAI Workshop on Cooperation Among Heterogeneous Intelligent Agents PDF
Mark Adler, Edmund Durfee, Michael Huhns, William Punch, Evangelos Simoudis 39
The Fourth International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence PDF
Randy Goebel, Francisco J. Cantu-Ortiz 43
Cognitively Plausible Heuristics to Tackle the Computational Complexity of Abductive Reasoning PDF
Olivier Fischer 46
Integrating Case-Based and Model-Based Reasoning: A Computational Model of Design Problem Solving PDF
Ashok K. Goel 50

Book Reviews

Neurons, Perception, and Communication: Review of Images and Understanding: Thoughts about Images, Ideas about Understanding PDF
Philip Swann 97
Review of Natural Computation PDF
Nigel Ward 102


AI Review PDF
Nicholas Graube, Kevin Males, Tom Schwartz, Dave Mandelker, AAAI A1


Applied AI News PDF
David Blanchard 16

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