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Designing a Visual Analytic System to Represent Bookmark Sharing Data
Jee Yeon Hwang, Jaeeun Shim-Lee, Heerin Lee

Last modified: 2010-07-07


Internet users can find the appropriate and useful information by reviewing their shared bookmarks. We have developed a visual analytic system that represents bookmark-sharing data among the relative users and sites based on the extensive social bookmarking data of (also known as The system enables users to explore sites and other users' blogs that may supply them with the information they need more efficiently. The system provides interactive view options of the bookmark entities through its User View and Site View. To improve the user's information search and sense-making process on social bookmarking, the system supports diverse visual analytic options utilizing its color scheme, dynamic interactions, scalable factors and tag clouds.


Visual analytic system; bookmark-sharing data;

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