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Integrating Opponent Models with Monte-Carlo Tree Search in Poker
Marc Ponsen, Geert Gerritsen, Guillaume Chaslot

Last modified: 2010-07-07


In this paper we apply a Monte-Carlo Tree Search implementation that is boosted with domain knowledge to the game of poker. More specifically, we integrate an opponent model in the Monte-Carlo Tree Search algorithm to produce a strong poker playing program. Opponent models allow the search algorithm to focus on relevant parts of the game-tree. We use an opponent modelling approach that starts from a (learned) prior, i.e., general expectations about opponent behavior, and then learns a relational regression tree-function that adapts these priors to specific opponents. Our modelling approach can generate detailed game features or relations on-the-fly. Additionally, using a prior we can already make reasonable predictions even when limited experience is available for a particular player. We show that Monte-Carlo Tree Search with integrated opponent models performs well against state-of-the-art poker programs.


Game Theory, Search, Opponent Modelling

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