AAAI Publications, Twenty-First International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling

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Theoretical Aspects of Scheduling Coupled-Tasks in the Presence of Compatibility Graph
Gilles Simonin, Rodolphe Giroudeau, Jean-Claude König, Benoit Darties

Last modified: 2011-03-22


This paper presents a generalization of the coupled-task scheduling problem introduced by Shapiro, where considered tasks are subject to incompatibility constraint depicted by an undirected graph. The motivation of this problem comes from data acquisition and processing in a mono-processor torpedo used for underwater exploration. As we add the compatibility graph, we focus on complexity of the problem, and more precisely on the border between P and NP-completeness when some other input parameters are restricted (e.g. the ratio between the durations of the two sub-tasks composing a task): we adapt the global visualization of the complexity of scheduling problems with coupled-task given by Orman and Potts to our problem, determine new complexity results, and thus propose a new visualization including incompatibility constraint. In the end, we give a new polynomial-time approximation algorithm result which completes previous works.

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