AAAI Publications, Nineteenth International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling

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An Optimal Temporally Expressive Planner: Initial Results and Application to P2P Network Optimization
Ruoyun Huang, Yixin Chen, Weixiong Zhang

Last modified: 2009-10-16


Temporally expressive planning, an important class of temporal planning, has attracted much attention lately. Temporally expressive planning is difficult; few existing planners can solve them, as they have highly concurrent actions. We propose an optimal approach to temporally expressive planning based on a SAT formulation of the problem, finding solutions with the shortest time spans. Our experiments on several temporally expressive domains showed that our planner is able to optimally solve many instances in a reasonable amount of time, comparing favorably to existing temporally expressive planners. Our second result is a temporally expressive planning problem formulation of the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network communications. In addition to demonstrating a better performance of our new method than the only existing temporally expressive planners on several temporally expressive problem domains, we apply our new planner to find optimal communication schedules for P2P networks. Our results will be potentially useful for designing efficient communication protocols in P2P networks.


planning; temporally expressive; P2P; optimal; SAT

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