AAAI Publications, Twenty-First IAAI Conference

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An Agent-based Commodity Trading Simulation
Shih-Fen Cheng, Yee Pin Lim

Last modified: 2009-04-09


In this paper, an event-centric commodity trading simulation powered by the multiagent framework is presented. The purpose of this simulation platform is for training novice traders. The simulation is progressed by announcing news events that affect various aspects of the commodity supply chain. Upon receiving these events, market agents that play the roles of producers, consumers, and speculators would adjust their views on the market and act accordingly. Their actions would be based on their roles and also their private information, and collectively they shape the market dynamics. This simulation has been effectively deployed for several training sessions. We will present the underlying technologies that are employed and discuss the practical significance of such platform.


Computational Economy; Electronic Market; Commodity Trading

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