AAAI Publications, Twenty-First IAAI Conference

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Online Learning of Spacecraft Simulation Models
Justin R. Thomas, Christoph F. Eick

Last modified: 2009-04-09


Spacecraft simulation is an integral part of NASA mission planning, real-time mission support, training, and systems engineering. Existing approaches that power these simulations cannot quickly react to the dynamic and complex behavior of the International Space Station (ISS). To address this problem, this paper introduces a unique and efficient method for continuously learning highly accurate models from real-time streaming sensor data, relying on an online learning approach. This approach revolutionizes NASA simulation techniques for space missions by providing models that quickly adapt to real-world feedback without human intervention. A novel regional sliding-window technique for online learning of simulation models is proposed that regionally maintains the most recent data. We also explore a knowledge fusion approach to reduce predictive error spikes when confronted with making predictions in situations that are quite different from training scenarios. We demonstrate substantial error reductions up to 74% in our experimental evaluation on the ISS Electrical Power System and discuss the early deployment of our software in the ISS Mission Control Center (MCC) for ground-based simulations.


machine learning; simulation; NASA; applications

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