AAAI Publications, Twenty-First IAAI Conference

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A Tool for Measuring the Reality of Technology Trends of Interest
Peter Z. Yeh, Colin A. Puri

Last modified: 2009-04-09


In this paper, we present a prototype application — the Technology Trend Tracker — to measure the reality of technology trends of interest using information on the Web to inform decisions such as when to develop training, when to invest in expertise, and more. This prototype performs this task by integrating several artificial intelligence technologies in an innovative way. These technologies include rich semantic representations, a natural language understanding module, and a flexible semantic matcher. We use our system to augment Accenture's annual technology vision survey and show how our system performs well on measuring the reality of technology trends from this survey. We also show why our system performs well through an ablation study.


Knowledge Based System; Natural Language Understanding; Semantic Matching

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