AAAI Publications, Twenty-Fourth International FLAIRS Conference

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Robustness of Filter-Based Feature Ranking: A Case Study
Wilker Altidor, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Jason Van Hulse

Last modified: 2011-03-21


The filter model of feature selection has been well studied. In previous studies, classification performance has traditionally been proposed as a way to evaluate filter solutions. In this study, a new method of comparing feature ranking techniques is presented providing a straightforward approach for quantifying individual filters’ robustness to class noise. Six commonly-used filters, plus one which is rarely used, are investigated regarding their ability to retain, in the presence of class noise, strong classification performance. Three classifiers and one classification performance metric are considered. The experimental results of this study show that Gain Ratio, one of the well known and widely used filters, is very sensitive to class noise. ReliefF offers the best results with both the NB and kNN learners while Signal-to-noise, though not as widely used in the literature as the others, outperforms all the filters with the SVM learner.

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