AAAI Publications, Twenty-Fourth International FLAIRS Conference

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Linking a Domain-Specific Ontology to a General Ontology
Pamela Faber, Ricardo Mairal, Pedro Magaña

Last modified: 2011-03-21


Ontologies have been criticized because they are not sufficiently flexible, and thus cannot capture the dynamism and complexity of reality. However, they have increasingly come into focus because of the need for knowledge management in both general and specialized knowledge domains. EcoLexicon is a frame-based visual thesaurus on the environment that is gradually evolving towards the status of a formal ontology. For this purpose, the information in its relational database is in the process of being linked to the ontological system of FunGramKB, a multipurpose knowledge base that has been specifically designed for natural language understanding with modules for lexical, grammatical, and conceptual knowledge. This enables the explicitation of specialized knowledge as an extension of general knowledge through its representation in the domain-specific satellite ontology of a main general ontology.

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