AAAI Publications, Twenty-Second International FLAIRS Conference

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FCP-Growth: Class Itemsets for Class Association Rules
Emna Bahri, Stephane Lallich

Last modified: 2009-03-17


In this search, we focused on supervised learning task using association rules algorithms (association based classification). These algorithms, developed in unsupervised learning, extract all the rules whose the support and confidence exceed a prefixed threshold support. After extracting the frequent itemsets, (i.e their support exceeds the threshold support), algorithms subdivide these itemsets to build the rules, and keep only the rules whose confidence exceeds the threshold confidence. The extraction of class association rules, using these algorithms, have several problems, because of the rules' a posteriori filtering. In the first stage, one extracts useless frequent itemsets, those which do not contain class, whereas the second stage can be simplified, since an itemset containing the class gives place only to only one class rule. In order to be able to work with a low threshold support, we propose FCP-Growth an adaptation of FP-Growth which eliminates the frequent itemsets not containing a class. Moreover, to make the minority class be in advantage during the construction of the class itemsets, we adapt the threshold support, in order to use the same threshold support inside each class.


Class Association Rules;FP-Growth; Class itemsets; imbalanced Data

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