AAAI Publications, Twenty-Second International FLAIRS Conference

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On the Use of Guaranteed Possibility Measures in Possibilistic Networks
Amen Ajroud, Salem Benferhat, Mohamed Nazih Omri, Habib Youssef

Last modified: 2009-03-18


Possibilistic networks are useful tools for reasoning under uncertainty. Uncertain pieces of information can be described by different measures: possibility measures, necessity measures and more recently, guaranteed possibility measures, denoted by Delta. This paper first proposes the use of guaranteed possibility measures to define a so-called Delta-based possibilistic network. This graphical representation tries to express and to deal with the minimal (lower-bound) possibility degree guaranteed for each variable. We then establish relationships between graphical and logical-based representations of uncertain information encoded by guaranteed possibility measures. We show that possibilistic networks based on guaranteed possibility measures can be easily transformed, in a polynomial time, in Delta-based knowledge bases. Then we analyze propagation algorithms in Delta-based possibilistic networks. In fact, standard possibilistic propagation algorithms can be re-used since we show that a simple rewriting of the chain rule allows the transformation of the initial Delta-based possibilistic networks into standard min-based possibilistic networks.


possibilistic logic; guaranteed possibility measures; possibilistic networks; possibilistic knowledge base

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