AAAI Publications, Twenty-Second International FLAIRS Conference

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H. Chad Lane, Hans W. Guesgen

Last modified: 2009-05-11


This volume contains the papers presented at the 22nd International FLAIRS Conference (FLAIRS-22) held 19-21 May 2009 on Sanibel Island, Florida, USA. The call for papers attracted 158 paper submissions, 40 to the general conference and 118 to the 10 special tracks. Over 80 percent of the papers were reviewed by at least four reviewers, and all papers by at least three. Reviewing was coordinated by the program committees of the general conference and the special tracks. The program committees finally accepted the 85 papers that appear in these proceedings, all as presented papers (21 from the general conference and 64 from the special tracks) and 29 as poster papers (6 from the general conference and 23 from the special tracks).

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