AAAI Publications, Twenty-Second International FLAIRS Conference

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Expanding a Catalogue of Deceptive Linguistic Features with NLP Technologies
Nicholas D. Duran, Scott A. Crossley, Charles Hall, Philip M. McCarthy, Danielle S. McNamara

Last modified: 2009-03-23


We evaluate conversational transcripts of deceptive speech using a sophisticated natural language processing tool called Coh-Metrix. Coh-Metrix is unique in that it tracks linguistic features based on social and cognitive factors. The results from Coh-Metrix are compared to linguistic features reported in previous independent deception research, which used a natural language processing tool called LIWC. The comparison provides converging validity for several linguistic features, and establishes new insights on deceptive language.


Natural Language Processing, Deception, Coh-Metrix, LIWC

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