AAAI Publications, Sixth Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference

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Using Machine Translation to Convert Between Difficulties in Rhythm Games
Kevin Gold, Alex Olivier

Last modified: 2010-10-10


A method is presented for converting between Guitar Hero difficulty levels by treating the problem as one of machine translation, with the different difficulties as different languages. The Guitar Hero I and II discs provide aligned corpora with which to train bigram-based language models and translation models. Given an Expert sequence, the model can create sequences of Hard, Medium, or Easy difficulty that retain the feel of the original, while obeying heuristics typical of those difficulties. Training the model requires a single pass through the corpus, while translation is quadratic in the length of the Expert sequence. The method outperforms a recurrent neural network in producing sequences that match the hand-designed levels. The method may make it easier for amateurs to produce content for the Rock Band Network.


machine translation, game content, bigram model, rhythm game, difficulty, music

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