Date: July 2nd 2013

The Ninth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment
October 14-18, 2013
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dear AAAI Members,

AIIDE-13 invites your submissions to the 2013 AIIDE Workshop Program. A number of the workshops have extended their paper submission deadlines. Please consult for links to the individual workshops, and instructions on how to submit to each workshop.

The AIIDE-13 program includes the following 6 workshops:

AI and Game Aesthetics
Organizers: Antonios Liapis, Michael Cooke, Cameron Browne
Deadline: July 8

AI in the Game Design Process
Organizers: Adam Smith, Gillian Smith, Mark J Nelson
Deadline: July 12

AI for Serious Games
Organizers: James Niehaus and Brad Rosenberg
Deadline: July 3

Game Analytics
Organizers: Alessandro Canossa, Magy Seif El-Nasr, Anders Drachen
Deadline: July 14

Intelligent Narrative Technologies (INT6) (2 days)
Organizers: Mei Si, Marc Cavazza, and Alexander Zook
Deadline: July 10

Musical Metacreation (2 days)
Organizers: Philippe Pasquier, Arne Eigenfeldt, Oliver Bown
Deadline: July 9

We look forward to seeing you in Boston this October!


Carol Hamilton
Executive Director, AAAI

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