Date: January 10th 2013

Senior Member Presentation Track

Submissions Due February 4, 2013:


Dear AAAI Members,

The AAAI-13 Conference Committee is pleased to announce the (new!) Senior Member Presentation Track, which will provide an opportunity for established researchers to give a broad talk on a well-developed body of research or an important new research area. These presentations should provide a "big picture" view-in contrast to regular papers, which may focus on a specific contribution. They generally will also include results obtained by researchers other than the speaker.

To show the interest and novelty of the topic, proposals are required to cite at least 3 papers published in the last 2 years, which are not all by the same authors and of which at least one is in a highly competitive venue similar to AAAI.

Presentations will have the length of a regular paper presentation and will be selected on the basis of short proposals. Proposals will be reviewed by qualified reviewers drawn from the entire AAAI program committee. To allow assessment of the standing and qualifications of the speaker, reviewing will not be blind. There will be no proposer feedback. Final decisions on acceptance will be made by the track cochairs.

To review the complete Call for Proposals, please see All proposals are due by midnight PDT on February 4, 2013 (revised date). For further information, please contact AAAI at, or the track cochairs, Boi Faltings and Pascal Van Hentenryck.


Carol Hamilton
Executive Director, AAAI

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