Date: May 11th 2012

Dear AAAI Members,

AAAI is pleased to announce a new event to be held in conjunction with the AAAI-12 Conference in Toronto. The AI and Robotics Multimedia Fair will be held July 24-26, 2012. The full Call for Participation is included below. Please note that the submission deadline is June 10, 2012.


Carol Hamilton
Executive Director, AAAI


AAAI-12 AI and Robotics Multimedia Fair
July 24-26, 2012
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Call for Participation

AAAI is pleased to present the inaugural AI and Robotics Multimedia Fair at AAAI-12 in Toronto. The program will consist of a series of demonstrations/posters to be presented as an illustration of how AI and Robotics has been or can be combined. The goal is twofold: for researchers and developers to showcase how they view the use or need of AI techniques in robotics systems; and for AI researchers to understand how their interests can reach out to robotics platforms.

There will be three types of participation: (i) real robot demonstrations; (ii) videos; and (iii) posters. You can submit your contributions in any or all of the three types. The posters will be displayed throughout the conference. The videos and real robot demonstrations will be shown during an evening poster session. Each contribution (in any combinations of the three types listed above) will be peer-reviewed and authors will be notified of the submission results. Accepted contributions will be presented in two primary forms. Videos will be presented in a video session within the AAAI-12 program.

A video or poster submitted for the Robotics Multimedia Fair is expected to be a stand-alone contribution, which must be self-explanatory. In particular, a video contribution should make all the typical aspects of a written scientific contribution available to the viewers by exploiting a video format instead of a traditional paper format. Please note, contributors are not required to attend AAAI-12 in person if their submissions are accepted, although AAAI welcomes and encourages their participation in the conference. Creative formats and contributions that can foster scientific dissemination of robotics research, particularly those leveraging methods in AI, are encouraged.

Submission Guidelines
Include an English narration or subtitle text.
Video size should not exceed 100 megabytes, and duration should be limited to a maximum of 5 minutes.
For video submissions, the authors must have clear copyright of the audio and visual content. If experiments on humans and/or animal models are reported in the video, the corresponding author must declare under her/his sole responsibility that the experimental protocol was compliant with International Ethics regulation.
It is mandatory to use the MPEG-4 video format. Any other extensions will be blocked. Only freely available players (e.g., QuickTime, RealPlayer, Microsoft Windows Media Player, MPlayer, VLC) should be required for viewing the video. Providing video portability is a responsibility of the authors, also in their interest. The AAAI-12 Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject without review video contributions that do not comply with these guidelines and/or contain inappropriate material (e.g. commercial or unethical content).
Include a brief description of background and explain research objectives.
Describe adopted approach and present the main outcomes.
Present experimental tests, as evidence of the presented results.
Include a link to the project's website, if there is one. If the video demonstrates published work, include a hypertext link to the actual paper on the web.
* Posters must be in PDF or PPT format, and be no larger than 44"(width) x34" (height) when printed.

Submission Information
Please send an http link to your submitted file to before the posted deadline. To reiterate, the submitted video files must adhere to the guidelines stated above (i.e., size and format). In case of multiple files (video accompanied by a poster and/or paper), the contributors are requested to combine everything in a ZIP archive, and send an http link to the archive file to the address above.

Important Dates
June 10, 2012 (11:59:59 PM PDT): Submission deadline
June 23, 2012: Acceptance with suggestions for improvement, if needed
June 30, 2012: Authors submit final revised version for inclusion in the AAAI program
July 24-26, 2012: Bring final version of the contribution to AAAI in Toronto

Discounted Registration Fee for Robotics Program Participants
A discounted registration fee of $250 is being offered to authors of accepted posters or videos who attend the conference to present their work.

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