Human-Level-AI Requires Compassionate Intelligence

Cindy Mason

Human-level AI will require much more than just common sense about the world. It will require compassionate intelligence to guide interaction and build applications of the future. The cognition of such an agent includes meta-cognition: thinking about thinking, thinking about feeling, thinking about thinking and feeling, and thinking about others' thoughts and feelings. We summarize the core meta-architectures and meta-processes of EM-2, a meta-cognitive agent that uses affective inference and an irrational-TMS, the I-TMS, to resolve the turf war between thoughts and feelings based on agent personality rather than logic. The work is inspired by an ancient mind training meta-cognition process from India known as Vipassana and by 17th century common sense philosopher David Hume. Although separated by over 2000 years the both present a philosophy of mind whre emotion is the antecedent to logical thought.

Subjects: 9. Foundational Issues; 5. Common Sense Reasoning

Submitted: May 6, 2008

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