Development of an Open Humanoid Robot Platform for Research and Atonomous Soccer Playing

Karl J. Muecke, Dennis W. Hong

This paper describes the development of a fully autonomous humanoid robot for locomotion research and as the first US entry in to RoboCup. DARwIn (Dynamic Anthropomorphic Robot with Intelligence) is a humanoid robot capable of bipedal walking and performing human like motions. As the years have progressed, DARwIn has evolved from a concept to a sophisticated robot platform. DARwIn 0 was a feasibility study that investigated the possibility of making a humanoid robot walk. Its successor, DARwIn I, was a design study that investigated how to create a humanoid robot with human proportions, range of motion, and kinematic structure. DARwIn IIa built on the name humanoid by adding autonomy. DARwIn IIb improved on its predecessor by adding more powerful actuators and modular computing components. Finally, DARwIn III is designed to take the best of all the designs and incorporate the robot's most advanced motion control yet.

Subjects: 17. Robotics;

Submitted: Jan 28, 2008

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