Efficiency and Fairness of Load-Distribution Based on Scale-free Property

Kensuke Fukuda, Shin-ya Sato, Osamu Akashi, Kazuhiro Kazama, Toshio Hirotsu, Satoshi Kurihara, and Toshiharu Sugawara

This paper investigates applicability of the direct use of the power-law relationship appeared in actual network topology for solving server selection and allocation problems. We introduce reversely weighted degree (RWD) with scope into server selection algorithm, and evaluate the efficiency and fairness of this selection algorithm under two server allocation algorithms by using Autonomous System (AS) topology of the Internet: degree-oriented allocation by descending order of degree for a node, and random allocation. For degreeoriented server allocation, we find the RWD algorithm improves the fairness, but a wider scope cancels the advantage of the use of degree. However, for random server allocation, we find that adding to the 1-hop scope improves the fairness significantly, although only the use of the RWD algorithm may degrade the fairness. Finally, we discuss the number of servers that the difference of the allocation algorithms becomes inconsiderable in terms of fairness.

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