The Mr.ArmHandOne Project: A Mazes Roamer Robot

M. Cialente, A. Finzi, I. Mentuccia, F. Pirri, M. Pirrone, M. Romano, and F. Savelli

We present in this paper the crucial components of "Mr.ArmHandOne" project. We shall discuss topics concerning the robot architecture; the robot building process, including the mechanics and electronics solutions to the robot structure; the description of a dynamic neural network for processing the raw data coming from the sonars; the local map dynamic construction, and the overall structure of the cognitive components. We shall then describe ArmHandOne main task, consisting in finding and getting some object in a real non engineered dynamic world. The test-bed of our research is summarized in the proposed demo: finding and recognizing objects displaced in an unknown labyrinthine structure. The agent is initially positioned in a random place inside a maze, and his goal is to find, grasp and recover a required object, and taking it to an "Exit" position.

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