The Scarabs RoboCup 2002 Rescue Robot Team

K. Bird, J. Fonda-Bonardi, R. Fooroghi, I. Forte, D. Goodwin, J. Griffin-Roosth, V. Griffin, H. Liebowitz, M. Pettengil, N. Phillips, and M. Randall

The Scarabs Team robot (Ringo) was designed and built by a team of high school students on a limited budget. The goal was to keep the design simple yet easy for a single human operator to control. The team uses a custom joystick interface to control robot movement using a PC. A Linux- based camera provides video to the operator and passes serial commands from the PC to the robot. The goals of the Scarabs Team are: to build viable robots at minimal cost; to learn about math, computer science, electronic engineering, physics, artificial intelligence, system integration, international relations, character development, and teamwork; to have fun (!); and to make a positive difference.

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