Autonomous Selection of Meta-Agent Roles in Social Dilemma

Keiji Suzuki

This paper shows the agent based simulation with changing roles in the social dilemma game, the tragedy of the common. The tragedy of the common is known to treat the problem that is how to manage the limited common resource. To control the usage of a common resource, the levy based control strategy is employed. The role of the meta-agent is introduced to charge the levy to other agents in the proposed simulation. The levy based control strategy can be expected to avoid the dilemma situations even if the agents obey the individual rationality. However, to introduce the meta-agents, it should be considered that who became the meta-agents and how to make the charging plan of levy against the activities of the agents. To solve the problems, it is proposed the activities of the agents that include the activities for playing the game and the activity as the role of the meta-agent. Namely, the proposed agents will become the meta-agent autonomously according to the situations. Concerning to adjusting the charging plan, the plan is adjusted by the GA based on the proposed evaluation methods. Throughout the experiments, the effects of the changing roles and the formation of the charging plan are examined.

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