An Autonomous Team of Search and Rescue Robots

J. Juárez-Guerrero, I. Pissokas and D. Farinha

The difficult task of searching for victims in devastated areas due to earth quakes or similar catastrophes has not been solved. So many strategies and techniques, using all kind of available resources, has been developed by different rescue teams specially in those parts of the world where natural disasters are often. A possible approach in order to aid in such labor and to avoid human beings from risk, is to use robots capable to go inside of these areas and look for any signal of life. A machine that fulfills this requirements must have a robust hardware and software, to face the most demanding environmental conditions and to achieve search and exploration tasks systematically. This project pursues in a first stage, the development of simple strategies that robots can use to look for victims where the structure of these places is unknown and contains obstacles in non-patterned positions.

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