Multiagent Chess Games

Cyrus F. Nournai

A Multiagent Chess playing paradigm is defined. By defining spheres and strength degrees for pieces winning strategies on games can be defined. The new Intelligent Tree Computing theories we have defined since 1994 can be applied to present precise strategies and prove theorems on games. The multiagent chess game model is defined by an isomorphism on multiboards and agents. Intelligent game trees are presented and goal directed planning is defined by tree rewrite computation on intelligent game trees. Applying intelligent game trees we define capture agents and state an overview to multiagent chess thinking. Game tree intelligence degree is defined and applied to prove model-theoretic soundness and completeness. The game is viewed as a multiplayer game with only perfect information between agent pairs. The man-machine technologies thought dilemma is dispelled in brief by addressing the thinking in the absolute versus thinking for a precisely defined area with a multiagent image for the computing mind.

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