Machine Discovery Terminology

Willi Klosge and Jan M. Zytkow

We compiled this preliminary list of terms relevant for Machine Discovery, their definitions, and their most characteristic contents. The final goal is to describe the role of Machine Discovery and simplify the discussion within Machine Discovery Community. However, our current definitions are neither complete, nor adequate, while their sequencing and grouping of terms may not be satisfactory, We invite you to participate in the elaboration and refinement process. Therefore, comments and revisions to the definitions and their groups, and suggested additional terms are most welcome. Finally, any remarks to the implementation of this discussion process which shall be on WWW are very welcome. A definition may use terms which may require further definitions. To end the chain of definitions some terms must be left undefined. We do not try to define terms which are technical in other disciplines. We also do not try to define commonsense terms. Some of the key terms, which we left undefined, include "knowledge," "theory," "model." Theyhave commonsense meaning which we utilize, and they also have been technically defined in disciplines such as logic and philosophy of science. Our definitions do not lead to increasingly abstract concepts. To the contrary, we frequently define by enumeration of examples. This makes definitions concrete and allows us to end the definition chains.

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