Concurrent Engineering and Design: Person-centred and Computer-assisted

D. Rochowiak and L. Interrante

The U.S. has decreased in prominence in the global marketplace in recent years because competing countries have learned to excel in cooperation. We are investigating and developing a system that will provide: 1. computer-assisted cooperation among human designers and manufacturing eng.ineers by promoting parallel design and manufacturing analyses and limiting the over-constrammg which occurs between the two, and 2. intelligent systems support which manages the complex interactions among knowledge, data, and humans in the DFM process. Our research efforts focus on the attainment of these two goals which are normally considered to be in conflict: concurrence in design/manufacture (which increases the number of communication channels needed) and short product development time. We believe that these goals can be simultaneously achieved by. placing much of the communication burden on the computer. This essay describes the ways m which artificial intelligence research can contribute to collaboration within a design for manufacture philosophy.

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