Retrieval Strategies for Tutorial Stories

Robin Burke

Retrieving stories to present to students is a challenging application of case retrieval. This paper describes SPIEL, a system that retrieves tutorial stories, stored on video, for educational purposes. Although CBR methods are employed in SPIEL, its task requires a different emphasis than typically found in problem-solving CBR systems. One of the most significant of these is the centrality of multi-purpose retrieval in educational storytelling. SPIEL has a set of storytelling strategies, corresponding to different educational roles that stories can play, such as providing counter-examples or projecting possible results. To find stories that can fill these roles, the system uses a variety of comparisons including similarity, dissimilarity, and other relations. This paper describes three of these strategies in detail, showing how the strategies function in retrieval, what kinds of knowledge they use, and how they make use of SPIEL’s indices.

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