RoadNarrows Presents General Purpose Brain-Packs, Controller Boards, and Robots for Education and Research

Kim Wheeler

RoadNarrows is excited to demonstrate and discuss some new and up-coming products in robotics. These systems include: 1. Humanoid robots interfaced with RoadNarrows brain-and-sensor pack. 2. A general-purpose robotic controller board called the OrcBoard used by MIT's Maslab robotics program, and RoadNarrows' plans for its productization. 3. Complete robot products, such as K-Team's Khepera 3 Linux-based robot, Colorado State's Good Samaritan search and rescue robot, and the new e-puck from EPFL. 4. Other emerging technologies e.g. a fuel-cell powered robot. RoadNarrows would love feedback from the AI community in terms of important features they would like to see in new products. Alternatively, RoadNarrows presents challenges of operating a small U.S.-based robotics business to give educators and researchers insight from the business side. Supporting small robotics businesses helps develop the local industry in general, and creates jobs for future graduating students.

Subjects: 17. Robotics

Submitted: Jan 26, 2007

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