Leveraging the Nanogram League RoboCup Competition in the Undergraduate Classroom

Jenelle A Piepmeier, Samara L Firebaugh

The newly organized RoboCup Nanogram competition challenges teams of students and researchers to construct microscopic untethered robots that will compete against each other in soccer-related agility drills on a 2.5mm x 2.5mm playing field. With dimensions in the measured in tens or hundreds of micrometers and masses measured in nanograms, these microrobots will be controlled with visual feedback from an optical microscope. This competition poses many interdisciplinary educational opportunities in the areas of microelectricalmechanical (MEMS) devices as well as the area of vision-based robotic control. This paper focuses on some of the educational opportunities presented by this competition. These opportunities span the disciplines of electrical and system engineering including microfabrication, feedback control system design, and computer vision.

Subjects: 17. Robotics; 19. Vision

Submitted: Jan 26, 2007

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