A Survey of Possible Uses of Quantum Mechanical Concepts in Financial Economics

Emmanuel Haven

In this talk we intend to provide for an overview of the uses we can make in financial economics of several quantum mechanical concepts. We introduce and briefly discuss the so called information wave function. We discuss how the information wave function can be of use in financial option pricing. We then briefly allude on how the information wave function can be used in arbitrage. We briefly discuss how the information wave concept can be connected to measures of information. We round off the paper on recent work we are doing with Andrei Khrennikov on i) testing probability interference in psychology (Khrennikov and Haven 2006 (I)) and ii) finding uses of 'financial' non-locality and entanglement (Khrennikov and Haven 2006 (II)). In summary this talk addresses interference (probability interference), financial entanglement and looks at using the wave function in a variety of ways within an economics/finance - political science - social interaction environment.

Subjects: 9. Foundational Issues; 9.4 Philosophical Foundations

Submitted: Jan 25, 2007

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