TV News Story Segmentation, Personalisation and Recommendation

Alan F. Smeaton, Hyowon Lee, Noel E. O'Connor, Seán Marlow and Noel Murphy

Large volumes of information in video format are being created and made available from a number of application areas, including movies, broadcast TV, CCTV, education video materials, and so on. As this information is increasingly in digital format, this creates the opportunity and then the demand for content-based access to such material. One particular kind of video information that we are interested in is broadcast TV news and in this paper we report on our work on developing content-based access to broadcast TV news. Our work is carried out within the context of the Físchlár system, developed to allow content access to large volumes of digital video information. We report our work on Físchlár-News which provides text search based on closed caption information as well as our on-going work on segmenting TV News programmes and providing personalised intelligent access to TV news stories, on fixed as well as mobile platforms.

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