Manufacturability-Driven Spatial Partitioning: A Systematic Approach to Computational Shape Synthesis in Manufacturing Applications

Satyandra K. Gupta and Jun Huang

Quite often complex shapes are not manufacturable as a single component. Due to manufacturing constraints, the desired complex object needs to be partitioned into a number of smaller and simpler manufacturable components. After manufacturing individual components, the complex object is realized by assembling various components together. Therefore, spatial-partitioning can be used to perform shape synthesis of manufacturable objects in many applications. This paper describes a systematic approach to solving the general manufacturabilitydriven spatial partitioning problem that arises in various types of manufacturing processes due to tool accessibility problems. The approach described in this paper has been used successfully to automatically synthesize shapes of multi-piece permanent molds, multi-piece sacrificial molds, and multi-stage molds for making multi-material parts.

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