Intelligent Modeling of the User in Interactive Entertainment

Carole R. Beal, Joseph Beck, David Westbrook, Marc Atkin, and Paul Cohen

A theme of the symposium is to explore ways to employ AI to make games more appealing to people who do not enjoy current genres, and to expand the market for interactive entertainment beyond the traditional niche of young male players. We suggest that AI techniques employed in the world of intelligent tutoring to model the user and adjust instruction, help and content could be fruitfully adapted to interactive entertainment. In computer-based educational tutoring, adaptivity to user behaviors and characteristics such as gender and cognitive developmental level have been shown to increase learner motivation, engagement and achievement in the area of mathematics learning. Similarly, utilizing data regarding player behaviors such as latency and errors to construct a model of the player would allow for more adaptive game play, which in turn would increase the appeal of computer games to a wider audience.

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