Information Valets for Intelligent Information Access

Sofus A. Macskassy, Aynur A. Dayanik, and Haym Hirsh

This paper introduces Information Valets "Valets"), a general framework for intelligent access to information. Our goal is to support access to a range of information sources from a range of client devices with some degree of uniformity. Further, the information server is aware of its user and user devices, learning from the user’s past interactions where and how to send new incoming information from whatever information is available for the given task. Our metaphor is that of a valet that sits between a user’s client devices and the information services that the user made want to access. The paper presents the general structure of an iValet, cataloging the main design decisions that must go into the design of any such system. To demonstrate this, the paper instantiates the abstract iValet model with a fielded prototype system, the EmailValet, which learns users’ email-reading preferences on wireless platforms.

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