Team Work in Cyberspace: Using TEAMCORE to Make Agents Team-Ready

Milind Tambe, Wei-Min Shen, Maja Mataric, David V. Pynadath, Dani Goldberg, Pragnesh Jay Modi, Zhun Qiu, and Behnam Salemi

In complex, dynamic and uncertain environments extending from disaster rescue missions, to future battlefields, to monitoring and surveillance tasks, to virtual training environments, to future robotic space missions, intelligent agents will play a key role in information gathering and filtering, as well as in task planning and execution. Although physically distributed on a variety of platforms, these agents will interact with information sources, network facilities, and other agents via cyberspace, in the form of the Internet, Intranet, the secure defense communication network, or other forms of cyberspace. Indeed, it now appears well accepted that cyberspace will be (if it is not already) populated by a vast number of such distributed, individual agents.

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