Agent Model on Information Kiosk Systems Supporting Mobile Users

Yasuhiko Miyazaki, Kenji Fujimoto, Kazuhiro Sugiyama

We propose PET (Personal Elegant assistanT) agent model, an agent model suitable for information kiosk systems supporting mobile users, which provides cyberspace services in user-adaptive manner. PET agent model consists of four types of agents; Interface Agent (IA) which supports user interactions on the terminals, User Agent (UA) which manages user’s profiles, Service Agent (SA) which generalizes network services, and Application Agent (AA) which controls application procedures. Since interaction functionality between users and the system is separately modeled as IA and UA, their combination efficiently enables user-adaptive information provision for multiple mobile users accessing multiple public kiosk terminals. AA makes it possible for application developers to implement practical applications quickly by controlling a procedural scenario to ask for many cyberspace services, which are generalized as SAs. Based on this idea, we implemented a prototype agent systems using Java to evaluate how our agent model is applicable.

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