Overview of Different Artificial Intelligence Approaches Combined with a Deductive Logic-based Expert System for Predicting Chemical Toxicity

Ferenc Darvas, Atkos PappI, Alex Allerdyce, Emilio Benfenati, Giuseppina Gini, Milofi Tichy, Nicholas Sobb, and Aida Citti

Using the knowledge base collected by the US Environmental Protection Agency, an expert system family (HazardExpert) has been developed in 1987. The paper focuses on the different artificial intelligent approaches which had been applied by the system during its 12 years experience, notably: a.) the deductive logic of HazardExpert for predicting toxicity b.) reasoning by analogy for improving the contextdependency of the metabolism engine of HazardExpert c.) using neural network in combination of HazardExpert The presentation compares the performance of the different released versions used at approximately 100 industrial, academic and governmental institutions in 15 countries.

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