Reuse of An Ontology In An Electrical Distribution Network Domain

Hercules Dalianis and Fredrik Persson

Reuse of knowledge from one domain when modelling new domains is a human task. But what happens if one does this task in a more principled way? In this paper we present the use of the results from an ESPRIT project called KACTUS on a real case where we modelled an electrical distribution network with support from a library of ontologies describing various technical domains. In this library we found descriptions of electrical transmission networks and we decided to use these for the modelling of the distribution networks of the Swedish utility company Sydkraft. The results was that the main part of the concepts in the ontology was possible to reuse except some very domain specific concepts. The whole knowledge acquisition phase was carried out in 4-5 days. The conclusion was that the KACTUS approach in the knowledge acquisition process was extremely fast and accurate.

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