Interleaving Planning and Robot Execution for Asynchronous User Requests

Karen Zita Haigh and Manuela Veloso

This paper describes ROGUE, an integrated planning and executing robotic agent. ROGUE is designed to be a roving office gopher unit, doing tasks such as picking up and delivering mail and returning and picking up library books, in a setup where users can post tasks for the robot to do. We have been working towards the goal of building a completely autonomous agent which can learn from its experiences and improve upon its own behaviour with time. This paper describes what we have achieved to-date: (1) a system that can generate and execute plans for multiple interacting goals which arrive asynchronously and whose task structure is not known a priori, interrupting and suspending tasks when necessary, and (2) a system which can compensate for minor problems in its domain knowledge, monitoring execution to determine when actions did not achieve expected results, and replanning to correct

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