The Collage/Khoros Link: Planning for Image Processing Tasks

Amy L. Lansky, Mark Friedman, Lise Getoor, Scott Schmidler and Nick Short Jr.

This paper describes the application of the COLLAGE planner to the task of generating image processing plans for satellite remote sensing data. In particular, we focus on the linkage of COLLAGE to the KHOROS image processing system. Several obvious requirements presented themselves when we first confronted integrating COLLAGE and KHOROS: low-level connection tasks; representation translation tasks; the need to present users with a suitably coherent combined architecture. However, one overarching and pervasive issue became clear over time: how to represent and partition information in a way that fosters extensibUity and flexibility. This is necessary for at least two reasons. First, KHOROS is an "open" system - its suite of image processing algorithms is constantly changing. Second, our combined architecture must be useable by a variety of users with different skill levels. These kinds of issues, of course, are common to many software engineering enterprises. Our experience with COLLAGE indicates that planning systems will also have to cope with them when they are used within operational environments.

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