Integrating Deliberation in an Intelligent Agent Architecture

R. Peter Bonasso

We have been pursuing the integration of a state-based planner as the deliberative top layer of a three-tiered robot control architecture. The middle layer is implemented in the RAP system, while the bottom layer consists of a suite of reactive skills which can be configured by the RAPs system into Brooksian machines. Our target environment has been the ground control center of a space station command center. Our current system has been shown to provide a higher level of human supervision that preserves safety while allowing for task level direction, reaction to out-ofnorm parameters, and human intervention at all levels of control. For this workshop, we discuss the issues we have been addressing with regard to where the boundary lies between local reactive control and longrange deliberation. Such issues include whether the seat of control should be at the RAPs system or at the planner, interruption of the RAPs system by the planner due to priority changes, how much of the planner’s instruction can be taken as guidance versus direction, and levels of human interaction between the planner and the RAPsystem.

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