Generativity, Type Coercion and Verb Semantic Classes

Patrick Saint-Dizier

In this document, we present aspects related to generativity and to polysemy firom a long-term ongoing research whose aims are (I) to defme the conumts of electronic dictionary that represents and organizes the syntax and the semantics of predicative forms so that they can directly be used for NLP applications and (2) specify and to evaluate mcthods for creating such a dictionmy from corpora of various forms, domain specific thesaurus and paper dictionaries. We are developing methods and tools in information re~eval and automatic construction of abstracts of texts which require the extraction of predicate-argument structures (Pugeault et al. 94). A detailed description of syntactically and semantically organised classes of predicates is therefore particularly useful and crucial to us. This type of information is moreover useful in a number of other applications.

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