Features of a Decision-Theoretic Approach to Monitoring and Repair and their Applicability to Replannin

Richard, Pelavin, Perry McCarty, Jim McGuire and Chris Toomey

This paper describes a real-world application of Decision Analysis to monitoring and repair of an unmanned mini-submarine and discusses its applicability to Decision-Analytic replanning. We feel that experience on real-world monitoring and repair applications earl provide valuable insight into key, largely Unaddressed issues in real-world replanning. We identify key features of our monitoring and repair application that make it computationally tractable and feasible to implement. By drawing an analogy to replarming, a subset of tractable real-world replanning problems can be circumscribed. This also provides a good starting point for eventually handling more sophisticated replanning domains. We also discuss the need to re-examine the representation of actions in a Decision-Analytic framework.

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