Real-time Feature Detection in Medical Data

K. S. Nelson and G. D. Hadden

Honeywell has developed an approach, State-Based Feature Recognition (SBFR), automatically recognize trends and predict failures using parametric data. We have applied this technique to the health monitoring of space vehicle systems including the Orbital Maneuvering System/Reaction Control System for the Space Shuttle, the Attitude Determination and Control System for Space Station Freedom, and Electro-Mechanical Actuators to be used on future space vehicles. Our success in this domain has led us to explore applications in other domains, such as power plant monitoring and building control. Applying SBFR to the medical domain is a recent exploration and this paper represents the first foray into that domain. It will introduce SBFR, review some similar work, describe its current status, and discuss applications of the technology to the medical domain.

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