G David W. Aha and Gheorghe Tecuci

The goalof this symposium is to identify the principles underlying the design of MI systems and to encourage their development and application. Towards this goal, this workshop provides a forum for interested researchers to share, discuss, and learn about experiences with, best practices on, and general issues concerning mixed-initiative problem-solving approaches, such as: Agent interfaces; Case studies of successful MI systems; Characterization of domains amenable to MI approaches; Comparisons of MI systems; Conversational case-based reasoning; Conversational problem solving; Dialogue management and discourse grammars; Dialogue recovery strategies; Exploiting user feedback; Evaluation methodologies, metrics, and measures; Explanation strategies and techniques; Initiative sharing strategies; Intelligent assistants; Intelligent tutoring systems; Intelligent and adaptive user interfaces; Knowledge acquisition; Knowledge capture; Learning apprentice systems; Learning strategies for MI systems; MI planning and scheduling systems; Novel MI approaches and applications; Personalization; Problem and plan recognition; Recommender systems; Task modeling for MI systems; Task-oriented interfaces; and User modeling.

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