Reconstruction of a 3D Object from a Main Axis System

Dong Joong Kang, M. Masry, and H. Lipson

This paper presents an algorithm for the reconstruction of a three-dimensional object from a single two-dimensional freehand sketch composed of strokes connected at vertices. The proposed algorithm uses the angular distribution of the strokes in the sketch plane to determine one or more orthogonal three-dimensional axis systems whose projection correlates with observed stroke orientations, and then uses these axis systems to calculate a plausible depth for each vertex to reconstruct a 3D object from the sketch. The proposed approach is effective for reconstructing objects that are mostly comprised of orthogonal features, as commonly found in many engineering-oriented sketches. We demonstrate an implementation of the algorithm using Levenberg-Marquardt optimization that permits reconstruction of a typical object with over 100 strokes in interactive time.

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