SHADY: A Shape Description Debugger for Use in Sketch Recognition

Tracy Hammond and Randall Davis

Sketch recognition systems are currently being developed for any domains, but can be time consuming to build if they are to handle the intricacies of each domain. LADDER is a language for describing how domain shapes are drawn, displayed, and edited in a sketch recognition system for that domain. LADDER shape descriptions can be automatically translated into JAVA code to be compiled with a multi-domain sketch recognition system to create a domain specific sketch interface. In this paper we present Shady, a graphical tool to aid in the creation and debugging of LADDER shape descriptions. Shady allows sketch interface developers to enter new shape descriptions or debug previously created descriptions, finding both syntactic and conceptual bugs. Shady checks to see whether a shape descriptions is over-constrained by allowing the developer to draw sample shapes and then indicating which constraints are not met. This paper also describes work in progress on debugging under-constrained descriptions by automatically generating near-miss shapes.

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