Humanoids, from Interfaces to Intelligence. Really? A Philosophical Statement on Retrograding or Scientists Caught Back-Peddling

Colin T. Schmidt

The year 2001 was a "fast year" for research in Robotics. In that year, the author of an article in Minds and Machines asks two highly pertinent questions for robotics: 1) If a robot is able to participate in simple language games as adequately as a child, should we concede that the robot handles true meaning? and 2) How would we go about developing a robot which could possibly live up to a positive answer to the first question? My approach is straightforward: a) refute the first question, so as to b) be able to drop the last. I then argue in favour of supporting another well-known sub-domain of AI/HCI/Robotics thought in order to stimulate research in the artificial sciences.

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